Building Footprints

The Most Comprehensive Map of Buildings in the USA

In this blog post, we discuss challenges and common pitfalls we have observed over the past decade in pursuit of offering best-in-class Building Footprints at a country-scale, and highlight how Ecopia AI overcame these challenges to create and maintain the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date Building Footprints map of the United States.

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Providing Open Mapping Data To Help Responders After the Beirut, Lebanon Explosion

Ecopia AI, in partnership with Maxar Technologies, has mapped a 1-kilometre radius surrounding the point of the explosion to support response efforts.

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PSMA: Mapping all of Australia

In 2017, PSMA Australia (the Australian authority on property information) had a bold plan: to map the entire continent of Australia with a level of detail that had never been contemplated before. Ecopia AI extracted 16,493,191 buildings across the 7.692 million square kilometre continent producing the first complete building footprint layer of Australia.

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U.S. Building Footprints

In 2018, alongside imagery partner Maxar (formerly DigitalGlobe), Ecopia mapped the first precision, GIS-ready building footprints dataset of the entire United States, making it readily available off-the-shelf. The Ecopia U.S. Building Footprints powered by Maxar dataset includes more than 169 million building footprints created by proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms in combination with high-resolution, high-accuracy satellite imagery from Maxar.

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Mapping Tanzania in Three Weeks

In just 3 weeks, Ecopia, in partnership with Maxar (formerly DigitalGlobe), generated the first and only complete map of Tanzania. 18,588,871 buildings were mapped across 945,087 km2 with >90% accuracy, leveraging high-resolution satellite imagery and advanced AI technology.

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