How Bloosurf Used Ecopia's Building-Based Geocoding Solution to Identify Broadband Serviceable Locations Remotely

Read our case study featuring a leading Internet Service Provider from Maryland and learn how they leveraged Ecopia's Building-Based Geocoding solution to identify Broadband Serviceable Locations (BSLs) remotely and achieved 100% compliance with the CAF-II subsidy's regulatory requirements.

Bloosurf's Goal: Meet Regulatory compliance requirements in an accurate, cost-effective, and efficient manner.

Bloosurf is a leading broadband service provider based out of Salisbury, Maryland. As a recipient of the Connect America Fund (CAF-II) subsidies, Bloosurf wanted to be 100% compliant with the regulatory obligations while maintaining operational efficiency. Importantly, given the pandemic-mandated restrictions in March 2020, Bloosurf wanted to conduct a virtual assessment by reviewing aerial imagery to determine Broadband Serviceable Locations (BSLs) remotely. To meet this 100% compliance goal, Bloosurf had to meet Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) requirements which included:

Building-Based Geocoding

Bloosurf needed to determine which addresses were tied to which buildings within a parcel and report its lat/longs, known as Building-Based Geocoding.

Identifying Broadband Serviceable Locations (BSLs)

Additionally, for each address, Bloosurf needed to report how many broadband serviceable locations (BSLs) Bloosurf served.

The Challenge

Finding a Reliable Geocoding Provider

In the search to identify a geocoding provider to conduct the virtual assessment, Bloosurf found that most geocoding providers could not reliably achieve Building-based Geocoding because they did not have a comprehensive and up-to-date map of building across the US to use as reference points (thereby missing new construction addresses).

Further, most geocoding providers offer street-segment-based or parcel-based geocoding where assigning the addresses to the right building is very challenging, especially in cases where multiple structures were broadband-serviceable.

The Solution

Ecopia's Industry-Leading Building-Based Geocoding Solution

After evaluating numerous solutions, Bloosurf chose Ecopia's Building-Based Geocoding solution since it was the only solution to meet its completeness, accuracy, and up-to-date requirements.

Using Ecopia's robust database, the Bloosurf team was able to (a) Quickly gain an early indication of the number of broadband serviceable locations within their coverage area by filtering out non-BSLs based on their criteria, (b) Work with Ecopia's engineering team to develop a sophisticated selection algorithm to produce the final set of results.

Here's Why Bloosurf Chose Ecopia's Building-Based Geocoding Solution


Ecopia’s Building-Based Geocoding solution includes over 173 million Building Footprints and over 230 million Addresses (primary + secondary) - offering the most comprehensive database of Building Footprints across the US.


To accurately assign the right address to the right Building Footprint, Ecopia has built a dedicated geocoding engine which uses a unique machine-learning based address parsing system to match each address to the correct building at-scale.


Ecopia offers best-in-class annual updates of Building Footprints across the country using its proprietary network of leading geospatial imagery providers that capture high-resolution (<50cm) aerial and satellite imagery of the United States.

Vincent Sabathier

CEO, Bloosurf

Leading IP Network and Services Provider

Salisbury, MD

"Using Ecopia’s comprehensive Building-Based Geocoding, Bloosurf was able to quickly identify the broadband serviceable structures on each property parcel with sufficient accuracy, allowing Bloosurf to quickly reach 100% compliance for CAF II in just three months, which resulted in significant cost-savings and enhanced operational efficiency"

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Learn how Ecopia's Building-Based Geocoding and AI expertise can be leveraged by broadband providers like Bloosurf to meet regulatory compliance requirements and deployment goals in a timely, cost-effective and efficient manner.


Product Spotlight:
Ecopia's Building-Based Geocoding

The first and only complete building footprint collection in the USA, paired with best-in-class address data. We leverage the most up-to-date geospatial imagery available to create a unique source of ground truth, ensuring that our data provides the most accurate representation of reality.