Change Detection

Our change detection service delivers large-scale building-based change detection within a 24-hour turnaround time. Building footprints are each attributed with a damage assessment scale to accelerate decision making in emergency situations.

Why Change Detection from

When disaster hits, it can be very difficult to rapidly understand the effects without sending resources in to the field. works with our network of image provider partners to source high-resolution post-disaster imagery available, and then turn around an HD Vector Map of change within 24 hours.

Success Story: Insurance offers a post-disaster information service on a building-by-building basis for each insured property in affected areas. We have experience assisting leading insurers in responding to widlfires, hurricanes, and other natural disaster.

By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology, is able to offer with 24 hour turnaround times so that insurers can make timely decisions in these urgent circumstances. This information allows insurers to gain a quick first estimate at total loss, and to subsequently maximize the efficiency of the loss-adjusting process.

Precise Change Detection

Gain a high-confidence understanding of change on a building-by-building basis across hundreds of thousands of structures within a 24 hour period

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Leverage groundbreaking advancements in machine learning with our HD Vector Maps.