Enhanced Geocoded Footprints

Our Enhanced Geocoded Footprints offer next-generation building-based geocoding and Point of Interest ("POI") data across the USA. We first generate building footprints across the entire USA using the latest DigitalGlobe aerial and satellite imagery available. Then, each footprint is enhanced with best-in-class address and POI data.

Why Enhanced Geocoding?

The current system for geocoding and POI data is broken. Often, if you ask 5 different sources for the coordinates (latitude, longitude) of an address in the USA, you will get 5 different answers - some points will be in the middle of the street, some in the center of the legal property parcel, and some way down the street. Further, we found that the question of what business is operating at each address across the USA yielded even more ambiguous answers.

Ecopia.ai Building Footprints as foundational layer

Our Enhanced Geocoded Footprints start with our highly accurate building footprints, generated from aerial imagery and then updated with satellite imagery. This approach allows us to leverage both the positional accuracy of aerial imagery and the updating frequency of satellite imagery. These footprints cover 100% of the USA, are guaranteed 95% accuracy, and are updated every year using the latest satellite imagery available on the market.

Enhancing footprints with Address and POI data

Leveraging Ecopia.ai Building Footprints and other contextual information from geospatial imagery, each address is pinned to the appropriate building. We then acquire POI data from multiple sources. These datasets are cross-validated by our algorithms and quality control team to correct duplicates, incomplete data points, and illogical errors. The result: the most accurate, up-to-date footprints, POI, and address geocoding at-scale.

The problem with traditional sources

Address and POI data vendors typically claim to have “Rooftop Geocoding”. However, since most latitude / longitude coordinate pairs are generated for navigation applications, addresses are typically geocoded to the street (via interpolation), or to the center of the parcel (via a centroid). By leveraging Ecopia.ai Footprints, we have confirmed that many traditional address points fall on the street, on the wrong building and sometimes even on the wrong parcel. This can cause non-trivial issues when conducting geospatial analysis, resulting in misleading information.

Given the foundation of complete building footprint coverage of the USA, as well as additional contextual information from geospatial imagery, Ecopia can ensure that each address point is pinned to the appropriate building.

Traditional Address Data
Ecopia.ai Enhanced Geocoded Footprints highlighting our geocoding precision

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