Enhanced Geocoded Footprints

Our Enhanced Geocoded Footprints offer the first complete building footprint collection in the USA, paired with best-in-class building-based geocoding and POI information. Ecopia leverages the most up-to-date geospatial imagery available to create a unique source of ground truth, ensuring that our data provides the most accurate representation of reality. Leverage Enhanced Geocoded Footprints to provide the most accurate analytics, improve internal geocoding, and monitor change on a granular level.

Why Ecopia's Enhanced Geocoded Footprints?

Most address geocoding and POI data vendors claim to have “Rooftop Geocoding”. However, many of these points are based on educated guesses leveraging land-parcel or street-address information, yet are not validated against real-world information. Ecopia creates and updates building footprint information directly from the most recent geospatial imagery available, offering a unique source of ground truth to validate and correct address and POI data. This way, we can ensure the coordinates for every address and POI are placed upon the correct building.

By leveraging Ecopia Building Footprints, we were able to confirm that many traditional address points fall on the street, on the wrong building, on the wrong parcel, and some cases were placed more than 500m from the appropriate building. This can cause substantial issues when conducting geospatial analysis, resulting in misleading information and faulty decision-making. See the difference below.

Traditional address sample, showing address points along the street or in the center of the land parcel
Ecopia Enhanced Geocoded Footprints correctly attribute addresses and POI points to the respective building
How current geocoding techniques create a hidden risk of $43B across the US:

How Enhanced Geocoded Footprints are created

Ecopia Building Footprints as foundational layer

Our Enhanced Geocoded Footprints are built on the foundation of our highly accurate building footprints.

We currently have the only complete database of building footprints within the USA, which we generated directly from aerial imagery and update each year with the most up-to-date satellite imagery available. This approach has allowed us to leverage both the positional accuracy of aerial imagery and the updating frequency of satellite imagery. These footprints cover 100% of the USA, and are guaranteed to have the equivalent accuracy of a trained GIS professional.

Enhancing footprints with Address and POI data

Ecopia conducts extensive research and testing to source the best-in-class address and POI data from multiple sources. These datasets are cross-validated by our algorithms and quality control team to correct duplicates, incomplete data points, and illogical errors. Then, leveraging Ecopia Building Footprints and other contextual information, we use a proprietary set of technologies to accurately attribute each building footprint with the appropriate address and POI data.

The result: the most accurate, up-to-date footprints, POI, and address geocoding across the USA.

The only complete US building footprint database
updated annually: 169,317,946 buildings

Global Expansion

Ecopia is leveraging our international network of data partners to rapidly expand Enhanced Geocoded Footprints globally. Our expansion focus currently includes Canada, Europe, and Asia. Contact us to learn more.

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