Land Classification

Our land classification service provides a highly-accurate, scalable, 12-classes solution to provide the best contextual information regarding a multitude of land-based features. Further, upon request, any of these 12 classes can be extracted individually.

Why Land Classification from

Gaining an accurate understanding of every square foot of land at-scale presents a non-trivial challenge. Approaches such as sending surveyors into the field or employing manual image analysts can be costly, time consuming, and are not scalable. sources the most recent high-resolution imagery from our network of imagery providers, and leverages our artificial intelligence systems to rapidly extract high-accuracy HD Vector Maps of land classification at-scale.

The Best in Class

Our Land Classification solution offers guaranteed 95% accuracy across 12 core classes at-scale, empowering use-cases including:

- Assisting conservation authorities to better understand wetland areas
- Empowering municipalities with impervious surface information for tax assessment and watershed strategies
- Aiding enginneers and governments to better understand planimetric geography for asset management and smart city initiatives

12 Core Classes

Parking lots
Water Bodies
Bare Land
Sports Fields
Swimming Pools

Any of the above core features can be extracted independently.

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