Baltimore Improves Pedestrian Mobility with Ecopia's Mapping Data

October 17, 2022 -- Ecopia has partnered with the Baltimore Metropolitan Council to create a comprehensive HD map of every sidewalk and crosswalk in a region spanning over 2,650 square miles, improving pedestrian mobility and safety.

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October 17, 2022 -- Toronto -- Ecopia AI is pleased to announce that it was selected to provide high-precision mapping data to the Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) - helping support the region’s planning and decision-making efforts to improve pedestrian mobility.

Traditionally, creating and maintaining sidewalk, crosswalk, planting strip, and other Pedestrian Right-of-Way features has been time-consuming and often cost-prohibitive at scale, leading to many communities and transportation authorities not having a comprehensive understanding of pedestrian mobility. In support of BMC's forward-looking approach to having such important foundational data, Ecopia leveraged its advanced AI-based mapping systems to create an accurate and comprehensive map of every sidewalk and crosswalk in the Baltimore region - spanning over 2,650 square miles. This high-precision mapping data will be integrated into critical workflows of the transportation planning staff and other local stakeholders to identify gaps and ways to improve pedestrian mobility and safety. 

"BMC entered into a licensed agreement with Ecopia AI to develop a comprehensive inventory of sidewalk and crosswalk data in the Baltimore region,” said Todd Lang, Director of Transportation Planning at the Baltimore Metropolitan Council. “The data will be used to support a Pedestrian Infrastructure Assessment Tool that will allow BMC staff and our members to identify gaps and prioritize improvements to our region's sidewalks."

Bill Singleton, VP of Sales at Ecopia, added: “Ecopia is excited to deliver high-precision Pedestrian Right-of-Way mapping data to support BMC’s improvements to pedestrian mobility and quality of life for all residents. We are committed to empowering decision-makers across all levels of government with maps that serve as a digital representation of the physical world.”

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A sample of the pedestrian mobility features offered to Baltimore by Ecopia AI.


About the Baltimore Metropolitan Council 

The Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) works collaboratively with the chief elected officials in the region to create initiatives to improve our quality of life and economic vitality. BMC, as the Baltimore region’s council of governments, hosts the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BRTB), the federal metropolitan planning organization (MPO), and supports local government by coordinating efforts in a range of policy areas including emergency preparedness, housing, cooperative purchasing, environmental planning and workforce development. To learn more, visit

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