Ecopia AI to Showcase 3D Nationwide Landcover at the Esri User Conference 2022

July 11, 2022 -- Ecopia AI ("Ecopia") today announced that it will showcase its 3D Nationwide Landcover mapping product during the Esri User Conference in San Diego, California - the world’s largest GIS conference.

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July 11, 2022 -- Toronto, Ontario and San Diego, California -- Ecopia AI ("Ecopia"), a leading global provider of high-definition mapping data, today announced that it will showcase its 3D Nationwide Landcover mapping product during the Esri User Conference in San Diego, California- the world’s largest GIS conference.

3D Nationwide Landcover is a high-precision vector map created by leveraging Ecopia’s AI-based mapping systems to mine 6” and 12” resolution stereo aerial imagery. The resulting map offers a high-accurate representation of every building, road, bridge, railway, driveway, sidewalk, parking lot, swimming pool, sports field, waterbody, forest, grassland, bare land, and paved area - across the entire contiguous US, Hawaii and major Alaskan metros.

Covering over 3.2 million square miles across the country including 172 million 3D buildings, Ecopia’s 3D Nationwide Landcover offers a highly-accurate digital representation of the built and natural environment across the country. The diverse range of applications benefiting from this unique dataset includes:

  • Flood mapping & stormwater utility planning
  • Transportation engineering and pedestrian safety
  • Public safety and emergency response management
  • Conservation, environmental planning, and climate change mitigation
  • Property insurance underwriting, risk management, and claims

We’re excited to be showcasing Ecopia’s 3D Nationwide Landcover in person at the Esri User Conference. Many of our clients rely on Esri products to visualize and analyze Ecopia's data – offering unprecedented 3D data which can be directly integrated into Esri workflows will fuel a new wave of powerful applications" said Brandon Palin, Senior Director, Public Sector & International Development of Ecopia AI. “This product offers a high-precision digital representation of the entire United States for government and enterprise decision-making, and represents an important step toward our mission of creating a digital twin of the earth.”

Ecopia is a Gold Sponsor of the Esri User Conference 2022 and will be hosting customers and partners in the Exhibition Hall at booth 1119. In addition, Ecopia will be sharing real-world insights surrounding the 3D Nationwide Landcover map at a presentation on July 13th at 10 am PDT. Ecopia will also be delivering a lightning talk on July 12th at 11 am PDT on leveraging high-definition maps to support safer, sustainable, and more equitable transportation systems.

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Sample of a 3D Vector Map of Buildings of New York City, NY Generated by Ecopia AI


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