Hack the North 2019

For the second year in a row, Ecopia.AI sponsored Hack the North, which saw over 1,500 students from over 20 countries gathered at the University of Waterloo for 36 hours of hacking, collaborating and networking.

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Ecopia takes on NSGIC Annual Conference

Ecopia attended NSGIC and discussed the value of leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to extract features from imagery to create planimetric maps at scale, in less time than traditional methods.

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Startup Open House 2018

During the evening of September 27th, the Ecopia business team had the opportunity to meet community members, job seekers and even a couple high school students at Startup Open House, an event that saw startups and scaling companies from across Toronto open their doors, to give insight to what it’s like to work for a growing company, and what we’re working on.

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AfricaGeo 2018

Ecopia identified AfricaGeo as an amazing opportunity to work with African countries and help them understand how their population and assets are growing. With products like Global Footprint Extraction and Land Classification, Ecopia is poised to help these countries in multiple ways.

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Hack the North 2018

Ecopia was excited to sponsor Hack the North, helping keep students energized and motivated with food and swag, along with sharing more about what Ecopia does, and the positions available within the organization. And with workshops about AI and machine learning, we found ourselves impressed over and over again by the projects being created.

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