The ability to understand and analyze how humans interact with the physical world is a foundational element to business decision-making. This understanding starts with a digital representation of reality ("HD Vector Map"). 


HD Vector Mapping At-Scale

Ecopia.ai leverages artificial intelligence (“AI”) to mine geospatial big data, rapidly outputting national-scale, high-accuracy HD Vector Maps. Our HD Vector Maps are trusted foundational layers embedded into mission-critical applications around the world.


We have refined an iterative process to extract HD Vector Maps at-scale, maintaining 95% accuracy across continents


We produce millions of km2 of HD Vector Maps per month, offering unmatched capability


We pair advanced AI systems with a broad network of image data sources to produce and update HD Vector Maps that represent the most accurate and up-to-date version of reality

Great HD Vector Maps start with the best Imagery

Ecopia.ai has built a strong global network of geospatial image data partners, affording access to the most current imagery of our Earth as soon as it is available. Pairing this unique image access with our AI systems enables the ability to generate and maintain HD Vector Maps that offer the most accurate and up-to-date representation of reality at-scale. Our technology is currently being applied to extract HD Vector Maps from satellite imagery, aerial imagery, oblique imagery, and street-view imagery.

Who Benefits

End clients

End clients benefit from receiving the most comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date information to drive better decision-making

Image providers

Upstream image provider partners benefit by unlocking the value of their imagery archives; monetizing products they otherwise wouldn’t be able to create

Value-added resellers

Downstream partners benefit from leveraging valuable HD Vector Maps in their offerings without having to do any of the heavy lifting required to create them

Collaborate with us

We strategically engage with complementary organizations to ensure we provide the best solutions to our customers.


Product & Services

We are always looking to push the boundaries and deliver the best HD Vector Maps to fuel mission-critical decision-making. Our current product and service offerings are listed below.

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