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Ecopia.ai is an international supplier of HD Vector Mapping products that enable high-fidelity global-scale insight. Our HD Vector Maps are currently embedded into mission-critical applications around the world.

Mobile Advertising

Our Enhanced Geocoded Footprints can be leveraged as essential context to accurately track foot traffic across different brands. This empowers mobile advertisers with the ability to:

- Build consumer profiles for deeper insight about your client base. Learn about where they came from, how long they stayed at your store, where they went after, their daily lifestyle preferences and where they live
- Accurately attribute advertising campaigns
- Retarget the highest prospect consumers

Investment Funds

Our Enhanced Geocoded Footprints can be leveraged as in input to improve performance of investment funds by supporting the analysis of business performance when used in combination with other alternative data. Analyses include:

- Compare the business performance of retail chains, REITs and other businesses
- Evaluate productivity of various manufacturing facilities 
- Determe the loss to a company’s portfolio when large areas undergo significant change (ie. natural disaster)


We offer post-disaster information on a building-by-building basis for each insured property in affected areas in a 24 hour turnaround time. This information service allows insurers to:

- Rapidly assess total loss following a disaster
- Optimize deployment of loss adjuster resources


Our HD Vector Map of land classification is being leveraged by telecommunications companies to fuel:

- 5G network planning and implementation in urban environments around the world
- Best-in-class radio propogation analysis by leveraging the most accurate, up-to-date, complete land classification information


Our HD Vector Maps empower governments to optimize process efficiency and get the most out of budget dollars. Examples include:

- Enhanced Geocoding leveraged to power next-generation 911 capabilities
- Land Classification leveraged to understand wetland areas for conservation efforts
- Land Classification leveraged to understand impervious surface areas for tax assessment and watershed strategies
- Land Classification leveraged to understand planimetric geography for asset management and smart city initiatives

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

Our HD Vector Maps help NGOs optimize relief efforts by providing support, helping NGOs better utilize their resources:

- Optimizing the distribution of medical resources for disease eradication initiatives
- Understanding how changes in man-made geography are affecting endangered species


Our HD Vector Maps are being leveraged in logistics applications to:

- Ensure the best geocoding for route optimization
- Add contextual information to assist drivers to more efficiently reach each destination

Oil & Gas

Our HD Vector Maps are being leveraged to: 

- Fuel best-in-class high-consequance area (“HCA”) analysis
- Monitor encroachment

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