Leveraging Airbus Imagery & Ecopia Vector Maps for Land Administration

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Ecopia AI
Ecopia Vector Maps of Rayong, Thailand. These digital maps were created leveraging industry-leading artificial intelligence-based systems to extract land cover classes from their Airbus imagery.

Local governments rely on high-resolution digital maps to help them plan smart city initiatives, transportation projects, model flood risk, fairly assess properties for taxation, and more. As municipalities grow, up-to-date land use/land cover layers are increasingly important for advanced analysis and modeling.

However, the process of acquiring both the imagery and the land use/land cover layers poses a number of challenges for land administration applications across the globe.


Obtaining the up-to-date imagery required for high-resolution digital maps can be a difficult task. Manually creating land use/land cover polygons by hand is an extremely resource-intensive process that is not scalable across larger datasets. And although automated extraction solutions exist, they are often inaccurate, leading to unreliable data.

Solution & Applications

By leveraging up-to-date imagery from Airbus and Ecopia AI’s advanced artificial intelligence extraction capabilities, municipal customers can now request rapidly extracted digital maps. In addition to Airbus’ high-resolution satellite imagery, Ecopia Vector Maps can be requested through the OneAtlas platform or upon demand. These products — available on a city to continental-scale — power a wide number of land administration use cases, including:

Flood Modelling, Mapping & Risk Assessment: By leveraging land use/land cover features to create high-resolution digital maps, local governments can map and model regions susceptible to flooding. The rapid delivery of this accurate data will help organizations facilitate flood mitigation strategies faster, and with more certainty.

Stormwater Drainage Assessment & Property Taxation: Acquire digital maps that help you better assess the condition of your stormwater assets. Local governments can tax their citizens proportionally to their property’s impervious surface area to generate revenue.

Smart Cities: Leverage accurate land use/land cover to unlock insights that enable better smart city infrastructure planning, and more efficient resource management and allocation.

Road & Transportation: Rapidly obtain complete road and transportation network intelligence of your municipality or region. Allocate internal resources and assets more easily with an up-to-date understanding of your areas of interest.