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Announcing Ecopia's 2023 Geospatial Public Sector Virtual Summit

Learn more about Ecopia's 2023 Geospatial Public Sector Virtual Summit, featuring government stakeholders from across the US discussing innovative use cases for AI-powered geospatial data.

Our 2023 Public Sector Summit has already happened, but you can check out recordings and summaries from each session below!

We’re excited to announce our upcoming virtual event, Transforming Decision-Making in the Public Sector with AI-powered Geospatial Data! Over the course of three days, Ecopia will be hosting three one-hour webinars featuring public sector geospatial leaders and other industry experts. Each session will be dedicated to a specific public sector use case for AI-based geospatial data and highlight the many innovations taking place in GIS across federal, state, and local governments in the US. ‍

Spots are limited, so be sure to save your spot and register now for this event taking place from April 18-20, 2023. Registration is free, and you can choose to attend all events or just one or two that pique your interest. Learn more about each individual session below.‍

Each one-hour session will be hosted and moderated by Dan Ross, former GIO for the State of Minnesota and current Senior Advisor at Ecopia. Dan brings a wealth of geospatial knowledge to each discussion, having held many strategic positions within government geospatial offices, including serving twice as the President of NSGIC from 2018-2019 and again in 2022.


April 18, 2023 | 1:30pm EDT

Geospatial Data & AI for Natural Hazard Mitigation and Stormwater Management

To kick things off, Dan will be joined by Jeff Duke and Katie Cromwell from Raftelis and Brandon Palin, Senior Director of Public Sector at Ecopia. The panel will explore how GIS and high-quality geospatial data are enabling federal, state, and local governments to better manage climate resilience strategies. Pulling in best practices from Jeff’s time as GIS Services Manager at the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, and both Katie and Brandon’s extensive experience consulting with public sector organizations on stormwater management, the panel will highlight critical elements of stormwater infrastructure and funding opportunities for geospatial technology. They’ll also discuss how government agencies can implement AI-powered geospatial data for stormwater utility billing, flood modeling, and other essential hazard mitigation workflows.

This session has already happened - read a recap and watch the recording here!


April 19, 2023 | 12:30pm EDT

AI-Powered Geospatial Data for Statewide Initiatives in Broadband & Public Safety

Next up, we’ll cover how states are leveraging multi-purpose geospatial datasets across departments and use cases. Dan will speak with Dewberry Geospatial & Technology Manager Hillary Palmer, New Hampshire 911 Technology Manager Tim Scott, and Ecopia Senior Director of Business and Product Development Sean Lowery to discuss how an accurate, complete, and up-to-date digital source of truth for the physical world can be applied to a diverse range of use cases at the state level. The panel will cover how recent statewide investments in building footprint data for broadband expansion use cases is now being leveraged for public safety initiatives, and why more and more state governments are relying on AI-based mapping to keep their GIS databases updated in a rapidly changing world.‍

This session has already happened - read a recap and watch the recording here!


April 20, 2023 | 2:00pm EDT

Advanced Multimodal Transportation Network Planning for Future-Ready Cities

To round things out, our final session will feature transportation experts from both the public and private sectors. Dan will be joined by Tricia Vivian, GIS Administrator for San Bernardino County Transportation Authority, Sean Reseigh, Senior Transportation Planner at Fehr & Peers, and Bill Singleton, Vice President at Ecopia to highlight how their three organizations worked together to enhance multimodal transportation in the largest county in the contiguous US. The panel will use this experience to demonstrate how geospatial innovation is the future of transportation planning, helping MPOs and consulting firms alike foster more sustainable, liveable, and equitable communities. They’ll walk through how AI-based mapping is changing the way the public sector is digitizing the many different features of a modern transportation network, and how the insights derived from such comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date maps are improving transportation safety across the US.

This session has already happened - read a recap and watch the recording here!

If you work in the public sector or are interested in how different levels of government are using geospatial data, you won’t want to miss Ecopia’s 2023 Geospatial Public Sector Virtual Summit. Check out the session recordings for your chance to hear from a diverse panel of experts spanning government departments and get answers to some of your most pressing geospatial questions. 

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