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Mapping a Changing World with Geospatial Imagery & AI

Learn more about our webinar featuring geospatial experts from Airbus Defence & Space and Ecopia AI.

ICYMI - on  June 7, 2023 we hosted a virtual session about how the geospatial industry can stay up-to-date in a rapidly changing world. Keep reading to learn more and check out the recording!

Thought leaders from Ecopia AI (Ecopia) and Airbus Defence & Space (Airbus) discussed the challenges organizations face when updating geospatial datasets, the risk of leveraging stale data, and how advancements in high-resolution satellite imagery and artificial intelligence (AI) are making it possible to detect change and update foundational datasets with the latest information.

In this session, the panelists explored why geospatial imagery and data are the foundation of analysis for organizations around the world and across industries. They walked through examples of how up-to-date geospatial information can inform critical decision-making in asset management, stormwater mapping, and more, providing real-world examples of how high-resolution satellite imagery and AI-based mapping systems are enabling organizations to work with data that accurately reflects real-world change.

About the panel:

Tom Harling, Head of Earth Observation Applications, Airbus Defence and Space
Tom is the Head of the Earth Observation Applications Team within Intelligence U.K. Tom leads a team of Data Scientists, Data Analysts and AI Experts to deliver value-added products from the Airbus satellite constellation. In his role, he is keen to use EO data to give customers valuable insights and extract true value from EO data. Tom has worked in the EO sector for over 2 decades and is eager to show what new technologies and developments can be used to exploit EO.

Elodie Attie, Marketing Manager, Airbus Defence and Space
Elodie Attie is marketing manager for analytics and GEOINT / IMINT products. She has a keen interest in the use of advanced analytics to unlock insights from complex datasets, enabling businesses and organizations to make more informed decisions. Passionate about sharing her knowledge with others, she will be happy to provide participants with new ideas and practical insights.

Abigail Coholic, Senior Director - Channel Partnerships, Ecopia AI
Abigail is the Senior Director of Channel Partnerships at Ecopia AI where she collaborates with a number of satellite and aerial imagery providers around the world to grow their revenue per pixel. In her role, she works with each partner closely to develop custom sales plans, provide technical training, and develop growth strategies. Known for her innate ability in fostering new partnerships, she has successfully grown Ecopia’s Global Imagery Partner Network to over 30 imagery partners.

This session was a compelling discussion for all geospatial industry members, whether you’re an imagery or data provider, or on the GIS practitioner side of things. Be sure to watch the recording below, and learn more about the project the speakers presented here.

Learn more about Ecopia's partnership with Airbus

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