3D Nationwide Landcover

High-Precision 3D Vector Map of the Entire United States

Derived from 6" and 12" resolution stereo aerial imagery, Ecopia's 3D Nationwide Landcover is a high-precision vector map covering the contiguous US, Hawaii and major Alaskan metros. Government agencies, insurance carriers, and other enterprise users can leverage this accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date digital representation of the US as the foundation for location intelligence and mission-critical applications.

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Comprehensive, Accurate, and Up-to-date 3D Vector Maps for All Communities


Ecopia's 3D Nationwide Landcover includes every building, road, bridge, railway, driveway, crosswalk, sidewalk, parking lot, swimming pool, sports field, water body, forest, grassland, bareland, and other paved area - across the US in addition to all buildings, trees, and bridges with unique height attribution.


Ecopia's 3D Nationwide Landcover is a high-precision vector map product derived from 6" and 12" resolution imagery. Ecopia's proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) systems extract all landcover features from this high-resolution imagery with GIS-professional accuracy at an unparalleled country-wide scale.


Ecopia will leverage our proprietary AI systems to ensure that the 3D Nationwide Landcover product is updated on a regular schedule, when the underlying high-resolution aerial imagery is refreshed. Ecopia's AI systems offer timely change detection and updates at a national scale.


Million Square Miles


Million 3D Buildings


States (Continental US, Hawaii and major Alaskan metros)

Highly-Accurate Digital Representation of Our World

Ecopia's 3D Nationwide Landcover offers off-the-shelf, highly-accurate foundational data including:

14 Standard Landcover Features

Every building, road, bridge, railway, driveway, sidewalk, parking lot, swimming pool, sports field, water body, forest, grassland, bareland, and paved area.

3 Height-Attributed Features

Every Building, Tree and Bridge in the US mapped with unique height-attributed features for an unparalleled 3D location intelligence.

Rapid Change Detection & Re-Mapping

Ecopia's advanced AI systems enable rapid change detection and re-mapping capabilities to ensure the most up-to-date representation of reality.

Up-to-date High-Resolution Imagery

Ecopia partners with leading aerial imagery providers like HxGN Content Program to source the most recent high-resolution commercially available imagery in the US.

Change Detection & Updates

As new imagery is made available by Ecopia's partners, our AI systems will ensure that timely change detection and mapping updates are completed at a national scale.

Off-the-Shelf 3D Landcover Map Content with GIS-Professional Accuracy.

Thanks to Ecopia's proprietary AI systems and rigorous quality assurance, you get the critical foundational data and location intelligence you need at GIS-professional level accuracy in a fast and affordable manner.
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Use Cases & Applications

Municipal & State Governments

Flood Modelling, Stormwater Drainage, Property Taxation, Emergency Services, Land Use, and Urban Sprawl Management.

Metropolitan Planning Organizations

Road and Transportation Planning, Public Transportation Development, Asset Management, and GIS Management.

Federal Government Agencies

Conservation & Environmental Planning, Green Infrastructure Planning & Monitoring, and Broadband Planning.

Property & Casualty Insurers

Underwriting & Risk management (Exposure to Natural Hazards), Pricing adjustments, and Property Analytics.

Telecom Service Providers

Identification of Broadband Serviceable Locations, Regulatory Compliance, Network Planning, and Deployment Optimization.

Client Spotlight

Fast and Efficient Coastal Change Analysis

NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management continues to rely on Ecopia to provide high accuracy Land Cover data to support the efforts of their Coastal Change Analysis Program (C-CAP). By leveraging Ecopia’s vector-based products and deriving a 1m raster solution, the C-CAP program has optimized their data requirements alongside the more granular information that NOAA partners need at a local level.


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