Building-Based Geocoding

Refining the meaning of "location" across the United States through Building-Based Geocoding

Gaining a solid understanding of location is a prerequisite for many decision-making applications - this all starts with geocoding. Learn how Ecopia achieved the gold standard of Building-Based Geocoding by leveraging the foundation of its US Building Footprints - the first and only complete map of buildings in the USA.

Ecopia AI
Building Footprints

The Most Comprehensive Map of Buildings in the USA

In this blog post, we discuss challenges and common pitfalls we have observed over the past decade in pursuit of offering best-in-class Building Footprints at a country-scale, and highlight how Ecopia AI overcame these challenges to create and maintain the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date Building Footprints map of the United States.

Ecopia AI

Leveraging Airbus Imagery & Ecopia Vector Maps for Land Administration

By leveraging up-to-date imagery from Airbus and Ecopia AI’s advanced artificial intelligence extraction capabilities, municipal customers can now request rapidly extracted digital maps. In addition to Airbus’ high-resolution satellite imagery, Ecopia Vector Maps can be requested through the OneAtlas platform or upon demand.

Ecopia AI

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