Building-Based Geocoding

The first and only complete map of every building in the USA

Ecopia's Building-Based Geocoding offers the first and only complete building footprint collection in the USA, paired with best-in-class address data. We leverage the most up-to-date geospatial imagery available to create a unique source of ground truth, ensuring that our data provides the most accurate representation of reality.

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The most comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date Building-Based Geocoding


Ecopia’s Building-Based Geocoding solution includes over 173 million Building Footprints and over 240 million Addresses (primary + secondary) - offering the most comprehensive database of Building Footprints and Building-Based Geocoding across the US.


To accurately assign the right address to the right Building Footprint, Ecopia has built a dedicated geocoding engine which uses a unique machine-learning based address parsing system to match each address to the correct building at-scale.


Ecopia has built a proprietary network of leading geospatial imagery providers that capture high-resolution (<50cm) aerial and satellite imagery of the United States every year - enabling Ecopia to offer best-in-class annual updates of Building Footprints across the country.

Vincent Sabathier

CEO, Bloosurf

Leading IP Network and Services Provider

Salisbury, MD

"Using Ecopia’s comprehensive Building-Based Geocoding, Bloosurf was able to quickly identify the broadband serviceable structures on each property parcel with sufficient accuracy, allowing Bloosurf to quickly reach 100% compliance for CAF II in just three months, which resulted in significant cost-savings and enhanced operational efficiency"

Case Study & Applications

Property Insurance


Gain an enhanced understanding of the location of the building(s) on each insured property, to better understand exposures to natural hazards such as flood and wildfire.

Property Analytics

Accurately pinpoint and generate building-level property analytics (ie. roof type, roof condition, etc.) by using building footprints as an accurate boundary to extract property attributes.


Regulatory Compliance

Leverage Enhanced Geocoded Footprints as a component to help automate the identification of broadband serviceable locations in your service areas to meet FCC and HUBB filing requirements. Ecopia’s approach has been successfully validated by CAF II awardees in their location submissions to the HUBB.

Network Planning

Leverage Enhanced Geocoded Footprints to help identify addresses and associated broadband serviceable Building Footprints to estimate costs associated with various network deployment plans.

How We Create Building-Based Geocoding

Given Ecopia's proprietary artificial intelligence and geospatial data partner network, Ecopia is uniquely positioned to provide the most accurate Building-Based Geocoding solution on the market.

Ecopia Building Footprints form the foundational layer

Ecopia's Enhanced Geocoded Footprints are built on the foundation of our highly accurate Building Footprints.

We currently have the only complete database of Building Footprints within the USA, which was generated directly from high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery and is updated each year. These footprints cover 100% of the USA, and come with best-in-class contractually-guaranteed 95%+ accuracy specifications

Each address is matched to the correct building across the country

Next, Ecopia's proprietary geocoding engine, designed to handle vast amounts of geospatial data, uses a unique machine-learning based parsing system to match each address to the correct building—creating the most comprehensive building-based address database available today.

Geospatial imagery and AI systems are leveraged to update the database annually

Lastly, Ecopia leverages our partnership with leading geospatial imagery providers to source fresh high-resolution imagery of the US each year. This imagery is mined using Ecopia's AI, providing an update of Building Footprints every year - the updated Building Footprints are then further enhanced with the most up-to-date address data available.

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