Global Feature Extraction

Extract high-accuracy features from any geospatial imagery at a continent-scale

Using the most up-to-date imagery sources available, Ecopia applies our proprietary advanced AI systems to rapidly generate HD Vector Maps of any feature that is discernible from source imagery. Leverage Ecopia's Global Feature Extraction to produce millions of square kilometers of HD Vector Maps monthly, all while maintaining the accuracy of a trained GIS professional.

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Why Ecopia Global Feature Extraction?

The default method of generating HD Vector Maps often consists of first acquiring geospatial imagery, and then having manual image analysts annotate the imagery. This is costly, time consuming, and does not scale. Ecopia leverages AI to dramatically reduce human effort in this process. Ecopia offers the ability to generate and maintain millions km2 of HD Vector Maps for any area on the earth, all with the quality of a trained GIS professional. Ecopia is able to leverage a global network of imagery provider partners to source the most recent high-resolution imagery for any area, and can also alternatively ingest customer-provided imagery.

Production capability of millions of km2 per month and growing
Growing inventory of off-the-shelf content
Global network of image providers offer the freshest imagery worldwide
Robust algorithms understand worldwide geographies
Guaranteed accuracy of a trained GIS professional
Updates can be rapidly completed as frequently as imagery is available

Building Footprints

Ecopia offers the ability to extract high-accuracy building footprints on a continental-scale, anywhere on earth.

Use cases include:
  • Insurance: policy underwriting and post-disaster assessment
  • Government: risk assessment, urban planning, infrastructure rollout
  • NGOs: optimization of relief efforts and vaccine distribution
  • Oil & Gas: high consequence area analysis
  • Logistics: enhanced contextual information and routing
  • Mobile Advertising: ad attribution and targeting

Land Cover

Ecopia's land-cover capability provides a highly-accurate, scalable, 12-classes solution to provide the best contextual information regarding a multitude of land-based features. Further, upon request, any of these 12 classes can be extracted individually.

Use cases include:
  • Telecommunications: planning and deployment of 5G infrastructure
  • Environmental & Conservation Authorities: wetland tracking and preservation flood analysis
  • Municipal Government: impervious surface analysis for tax assessment and watershed strategies
  • Civil Engineering: planimetric mapping for asset management and smart city initiatives

Roads & Sidewalks

Ecopia's road and sidewalk extraction capability provides a highly-accurate, scalable source of information regarding transportation networks.

Use cases include:
  • Government: urban planning, smart city initiatives, walkability and safety assessments
  • Civil engineering: asset management, infrastructure planning and deployment, transportation optimization
  • Logistics: route optimization

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